Episode 60: “Hey Daddy? Whewe does tewwowism come fwom?”

After taking a nice vacation to South Crackalacka, John’s back on the Left Coast and WE’RE back with another episode oooooofffff the stronuts! Charlie Buko drops in for a post mortem on the Wizards season. We AAALLLSO get deeeep into what WE think the TRUE cause of modern fundamentalist/extremist Islamic terrorism is. That’s right, in light of the Ariana Grande terrorist attack, we decided to really tackle this EXPLOSIVE topic!

We get into so some pretty #thiccboi stuff here, so put on your big boy (or girl) pants, buckle up your chin scraps, and brace yoselves for some truth! We break it down, and much, much more as best we possibly can LIVE and DIRECT right here in Carlton Studios on Eubanks Way! Join us!

“According to one book that I’m about to read…”

                    -John Patinella


Alex Harden re: Seth Rich and #Pizzagate; Alex Yalen re: Marie le Pen/Vichy cooperation with Nazis;



Episode 59: “The Birth of Gregrid Cote “

Ladies and Hentlemena:

This is a yuge, and I mean absolutelyyyuge epipen! We have a great friend of the show, a young child named Brandon Finnerty, aka Finn Hayes- who stopped in for a nice. He also just so happened to help spawn the creaaaaation of our newest persona and character on the show and in our very lives (and you’ll see him around, trust me….):


Please give a warm welcome to this fine young man!

We discuss: being done with our affiliations with DC sports because they SUCK and they LOSE all the time; racism in Boston re: Isiah Thomas (Celtics) v a fan, whether or not WE would fight professional athletes! WHAT!?; we literally create a facebook alt page for Gregrid Cote live on air; we also talk to the young man about all his various ventures here in the City of Angels. Please check out his work at SocietyBrew.com! We talk a lil politiiiiics, and of course we introduce the world (not really he’s already yuge…..) to: Jon Sudano! Do yourself a favor and check him out, he sings Smash Mouth’s “All Star” lyric’s over literally every popular song known to man on YouTube. We also introduce a young man to the Baltimore accent and our own perversion of it/littllllle language, pues. We breakdown the goings on in the Shitspace: #MuzzieMonday, #JewsDay, #WhitePeopleWednesday, and the like. Of course, when given the chance to talk about whatever he wants…take a guess as to who John brings up…?! That’s right…OJ!

And much, muuuccccchhh more!

(Yknow… if we’re being honest here- this ep is nothin but a bunch grab-ass and bullwhippin so. Enjoy!)


Also, Feliz Dia de las Madres!



This episode was brought to you by:

SOCIETY BREW: A website for me and you!



“It’s all about the terms and conditions.” -Gregrid Cote



Episode 58: “Sportsmanship “


(Thank you and RIP to the old sound meme machine *praying hands moji*)

This episode is brought to you by:

  1. Our amazing sound quality which is brought to you by
  2. John Patinella and,
  3. soundmemes.com which of course is brought to you by
  4. Baltimore George, in partnership with
  5. LadyGoogle.com

Well, at any rate… the theme of this epipen is:


We discuss the concept and meaning of “sportsmanship” as it applies to: the racial tensions in Boston involving dem O’s, Adam Jones, and Manhuelo Machado; Pepe and other memes make an appearance of course, the ethics and high drama of local kickball; and mudge, mudge more!


Shitspace Member Mentions:

Daniel Di Ri gets a very special, stone cold, psychopathic mention, and Greg Sauer comes up yet again! Stop in to see who these assholes are!


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Episode 57: “#Libstapo”





Let it be known that this episode is brought to you by Mars Supermarket and Old Gregg!


(*this meme ripped from the UUUniverse)

We discuss the unfortunate shooting of an old man live on Facebook- WITHOUT our beloved soundmeme machine mind you (send thoughts and prayers, please), Kevin butchers some movie lines as usual, we try bring on Mars Supermarkets as a new sponsor…we also talk NBA playoffs, the Shitspace, #Libstapo, and the concept of INSTAZucc’ing.




Episode 55: “We’re not going around the globe, we’re going across the plane…(Profesh Pertics)”

We welcome our good friend, and brother from another mother, BJ back in with us (Greg Cote) to discuss pertics, John gets put on the spot with a racially sensitive phrase he may or may not have used in a previous nice, and we get into some pretty heavy discussions about race and related relations, feel me?

We ALSO have back in with us (Greg Cote of course), our resident Flat Earther and dear friend of the show, Mateo Sanchez.

“Remember- we’re not going around the globe, we’re going across the plane…” -Mateo Sanchez

Come along with us as we explore the Flat World of race, and the universe it’s in! …



Episode 54.2: “We’re turning a corner pt. 2”

In honor of us (the podcast) officially turning a corner, we bring our first ever guest back for a second go-round; Marc Stansberry calls in for an entire 2 part Stronuts Epic Epipen miniseries event you DO NOT want to miss! We tackle ALL the important issues of the day, we share some laughs, some tears, some vegan triggerings…so cmoooowwwin!

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Episode 54.1: “We’re turning a corner Pt. 1”

In honor of us (the podcast) officially turning a corner, we bring our first ever guest back for a second go-round; Marc Stansberry calls in for an entire 2 part Stronuts Epic Epipen miniseries event you DO NOT want to miss! We tackle ALL the important issues of the day, we share some laughs, some tears, some vegan triggerings…so cmoooowwwin!

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Episode 53: “John’s fulla beef”

We’re back with another FB Live episode! John’s got beef with another podcast, a little NBA MVP discussion, we discuss the Shitspace, how to improve your life with memes and Trump, John’s got MORE beef…, Greg Reid Cote showban?, and of course we get a phone call from our good pal CHAAAALLLIIIEEEEEEE!

Thanks to the Sportstronauts Shitspace FB Group for all your ridiculous patronage, you complete us…now just to get you to listen to the show…


Episode 52: “the Shady Weathermn…”

On a lazy, sun-draped Sundee we provide live NCAA tourney play by play (Is it luck!?), official Sportstronauts Shitspace FB group name launch update and P R A I S E, Jim’s it get any better than this!? Prognosticators are shady weathermn, we finally have our 311 “talk”… f*ckin Flat Earth sh*t again, John drops a JFK assassination conspiracy theory BOMBSHELL! And mudge, mudge more!


Episode 50: “New Info Re: Hulk Hogan”

We get a liiiitttle heated in thiswin, but not after we thank our Facebook group of course AND take some Zkype calls from our loyal listeners (shoutouts Tab and Beej specifically!). We talk some Deaspin/Hulk Hogan (and we LEARN SOME NEW INFORMATION ABOUT THE HULKSTER- wat!? Now you really have to listen to find out…) and of course, we get back to John’s specialmontre: OOOOOOJJJJJJJJJJ!



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Peas & Pizza


Episode 49: “Notorious R.O.D./HappyWomensDay!”

We start out this epipen with an unusually large FB Live audience, so we give a littllllle background info to our nice. We go on some rants as usual, talk to the Nauts Shitgroup DIRECTLY. We also get into some actual GREATsportstalk, believe it or not, with some NBA MVP talk. We allllso begin our Annual Notorious R.O.D. Memorial Period (March 9th-May 21st, Biggie’s death day to his birthday). NO MANUFACTURED FB GROUP BEEF BETWEEN CHAAAALIE AND ALEX HARDEN EITHER ON THESE AIRWAVES RN!!!

“I’m feeling non-binary today” -Kevin, on National Women’s Day

Here’s to you ladies!



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Episode 48: “Hops und Schnapps!”

We have two VERY special guests with us in this episode, allll the way from the Northernmost part of South Central Germany….HOPS und SCHNAPPS! They were visiting LA when they ran out of money and, well…things got a little weird in Carlton Studios.

…Never have these airwaves been so white…or sweaty. Definitely haven’t seen that much lederhosen in one place, that’s for sure. Be sure to check out the FB Live broadcast we did of the epipen asswell, it was our absolute best yet.

Coincidence? Probably, but we prefer to not believe in coincidences- right Mateo (#FlatEarthGuy)!?

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peas & pizza


Episode 47: “The Earth is Flat You Idiots!” Part 2

SSSSOOOOOOOOOO we had a legit Flat Earther, “Mateo Santos/Sanchez,” in studio with us and let me just say: this was by far the most interesting episode we’d done to date. So much so, that we split it into two epipens. Enjoy, and dammit try to keep an open mind and actually learn something for once ya monkeys. You’re all God and the Universe and whatnot. There are no poles, Santa isn’t real, and all that. You know the drill…


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