Welcome aboard!


Hey guys! So, as anything in life that’s worth doing: this has been an ongoing process and a work in progress for us. We started just about a year ago now, and have been working tediously honing, sharpening, and perfecting the art of podcasting. I wish I could say we have it mastered…but we don’t. Oh well. It’s all about the process!
Our goal here is simple: to provide a comedic “safe space” for literally everyone, where anything goes. While we are a loosely sports-based podcast by design, we are all encompassing when it comes to our content. We explore every corner of this vast universe with open and eager (yet opinionated and maybe sliiightly biased) minds. Come along with us as we continue to whittle away, perfecting this thing day by day, week by week.
Take a look around, check out our archive of podcast episodes, and soon we will be posting a regular blog. This site, and all of our affiliated social media, youtube, soundcloud etc. sites will be constantly evolving and growing before your very eyes daily! So come back early and often, and remember: we can’t do this without you! So follow and interact with us on all forms of social media and enjoy!

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