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We are are Sportstronauts! Exploring the world of sports, and the Universe it’s in! Podcasting live and direct from Carlton Studios in Hollywood, CA.

We’re just a coupla young men from Baltimore, MD who love to shoot the shit about any and everything. Sports, entertainment, politics, current events, 80’s retailers, that meme life, literally anything is open for discussion with us. Our goal was to simply record our many ridiculous (thc induced- it’s legal, we’re very ‘friendly’ so feel free to partake with us!) conversations, and put them all out there for you to listen to, and interact with.

We aim to create a community of actual people (like yourself) who want a refreshing, comedic take on the stuff we all hear and talk about on a daily basis. We want to provide a friendly, open, inviting space for any and everyone to be a part of. No judgement from us whatsoever, this is still a free country so let’s enjoy it together!

We encourage you to download and listen to our episodes, follow/like us on social media, and of course interact with us! If you like us, spread the word. Tell your family and friends (adults only, please…) and help build this empire of GREAT, interactive talk radio with us!

As always, thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!

Peas, Pizza

J & K