Episode 59: “The Birth of Gregrid Cote “

Ladies and Hentlemena:

This is a yuge, and I mean absolutelyyyuge epipen! We have a great friend of the show, a young child named Brandon Finnerty, aka Finn Hayes- who stopped in for a nice. He also just so happened to help spawn the creaaaaation of our newest persona and character on the show and in our very lives (and you’ll see him around, trust me….):


Please give a warm welcome to this fine young man!

We discuss: being done with our affiliations with DC sports because they SUCK and they LOSE all the time; racism in Boston re: Isiah Thomas (Celtics) v a fan, whether or not WE would fight professional athletes! WHAT!?; we literally create a facebook alt page for Gregrid Cote live on air; we also talk to the young man about all his various ventures here in the City of Angels. Please check out his work at SocietyBrew.com! We talk a lil politiiiiics, and of course we introduce the world (not really he’s already yuge…..) to: Jon Sudano! Do yourself a favor and check him out, he sings Smash Mouth’s “All Star” lyric’s over literally every popular song known to man on YouTube. We also introduce a young man to the Baltimore accent and our own perversion of it/littllllle language, pues. We breakdown the goings on in the Shitspace: #MuzzieMonday, #JewsDay, #WhitePeopleWednesday, and the like. Of course, when given the chance to talk about whatever he wants…take a guess as to who John brings up…?! That’s right…OJ!

And much, muuuccccchhh more!

(Yknow… if we’re being honest here- this ep is nothin but a bunch grab-ass and bullwhippin so. Enjoy!)


Also, Feliz Dia de las Madres!



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“It’s all about the terms and conditions.” -Gregrid Cote



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