Episode 60: “Hey Daddy? Whewe does tewwowism come fwom?”

After taking a nice vacation to South Crackalacka, John’s back on the Left Coast and WE’RE back with another episode oooooofffff the stronuts! Charlie Buko drops in for a post mortem on the Wizards season. We AAALLLSO get deeeep into what WE think the TRUE cause of modern fundamentalist/extremist Islamic terrorism is. That’s right, in light of the Ariana Grande terrorist attack, we decided to really tackle this EXPLOSIVE topic!

We get into so some pretty #thiccboi stuff here, so put on your big boy (or girl) pants, buckle up your chin scraps, and brace yoselves for some truth! We break it down, and much, much more as best we possibly can LIVE and DIRECT right here in Carlton Studios on Eubanks Way! Join us!

“According to one book that I’m about to read…”

                    -Gregory Reid Cote


Alex Harden re: Seth Rich and #Pizzagate; Alex Yalen re: Marie le Pen/Vichy cooperation with Nazis;



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    1. Thank you! No not at the moment, we’ve only recently begun to take the necessary steps to elevate from a part-time, personal hobby to something more professional/serious/full time. We haven’t even started to really promote, outside of our own closed facebook group and twitter. We’re certainly interested in exploring any and all possibilities tho!

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