Episode 61: “BJ and ‘Trian’ in with us…”

Uhhhhmmmm…Episode 61 on 6/1!? I promise you we did NOT plan that! I don’t know what it means, but it’s AWFULLY forboding…let’s hope it’s a good omen!

Anyway, we have 2 VERY special guests in studio with us for this episode: one we know well, our good friend BJ, and a new friend, who goes by “Trian”! We discuss a wide arrange of topics from the new Alien movie, to race relations, to the homeless problem, to why we hate U2, to 5 year old transgender rights issues, to the semantics of our weird #littlelanguage and SO much more…

This episode comes highly recommended by friend and confidant of the show, Gregrid Cote. Please enjoy, or else you’re a racist, phobic, hatin ass bastard  🙂




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